Friday, November 16, 2018

Free Friday: Cheery Snowman Stitch-along #1

Happy Friday, everyone!  And can you believe that it's the Friday before Thanksgiving!?  That's totally bonkers!  It feels too soon to be turkey time!  But the calendar doesn't lie, so I got my turkey out to thaw and I've started getting my to-do list made up.  Phew.  I don't host Thanksgiving (thank goodness!), but I do a lot of cooking.  What do all of you fellow Americans have planned?

Enough chit chat, lets get to the pattern!  In case you missed it, I announced last week that we would be doing a Christmasy plastic canvas stitch along!  It will be a pattern given out in four parts, one a week for four weeks.  All of the required materials for the entire project are posted on that announcement page I linked to, so if you want to join us, click on that to see what you'll need to finish the entire project.  If you can't get started right away, I'll post the pattern in its entirety at the end of the stitch-along so that you can do it at your leisure!

Week #2: Hat and carrot
Week #3: Scarf and holly
Week #4: Putting it all together

Cheery Snowman Wall Hanging: Week #1

Skill Level:



  • One sheet 7-count plastic canvas
  • Red Heart yarn in color White #311
  • Plastic canvas needle 


  1. Cut plastic canvas according to graph below.  
  2. Stitch according to graph, using white yarn for the blue stitches.
  3. Overcast raw edges with white yarn.

Snowman body (cut 1), 35x76 holes

Click the image above to see it larger.   

You may share this pattern however you please as long as you don't alter it or claim it as your own.  Please link back if you share this pattern.  You may sell items made from this pattern.  However, you may not sell this pattern.

Now we have the snowman body made!  Next week we'll work on his hat!  So make sure to tune back in the next few weeks to get the rest of this adorable wall hanging so that you can have it made in time for Christmas! 

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