Friday, February 24, 2017

Free Friday: Tiny Easter Baskets

Happy Friday everyone!  (Let's hope this posts on Friday this week!)  I hope you're all doing well this week.  I had a pretty nice one.  Gosh, it was so nice here!  Very warm and sunny, but that worries me a little.  If it stays warm for too long, the plants will start growing and blooming, and then they could all die in a cold snap.  I'm crossing my fingers that it'll either get cold again soon, or stay warm until the last frost date (which is a long way off, three months!).

Well, I really wasn't feeling up to making a pattern this week.  As I get older, the damp cold days start hurting a little more, and what hurts on me is my arms and wrists.  That makes it really difficult to stitch, since those are the muscles you're using.  Thankfully, I remembered that I've had this pattern sitting around for a long time, and it wasn't hard to make the pattern up for it.  So yay, free pattern this week!

Tiny Easter Baskets

Skill Level:



2x3 inches


  • 7-count plastic canvas
  • White yarn and pastel colored yarn
  • #16 plastic canvas needle


  1. Cut and stitch plastic canvas according to graphs.
  2. Using a pastel colored yarn of your choice, whipstitch bottom and side pieces together. Overcast top of basket and handle with pastel.
  3. Use pastel yarn to tack handle to basket, as shown in picture.

Click the image above to see it larger.  You may share this pattern however you please as long as you don't alter it or claim it as your own.  Please link back if you share this pattern.  You may sell items made from this pattern.  However, you may not sell this pattern.

I have some ideas for St. Patrick's day patterns, so check back next week! 


  1. Just want to make tiny baskets for my 3 great-granddaughters. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I would like to make bigger basket