Monday, February 13, 2017

Quilted Tissue Box Cover

Good Monday morning, everyone!  I know I'm probably unusual, but I love Mondays.  For me, it's a fresh new start, a clean slate to get the week right.  I definitely feel that way today.  After two weeks of being down in the dumps, I'm starting to feel normal again, and I'm actually feeling excited to work on my designs!

Speaking of designs, I have a new one posted on Etsy today!  It's a pretty quilt block pattern inspired by my new quilt book.  The block is called Around The Block, and I really like it.

Quilted Tissue Box Cover, $4 on Etsy

So keep an eye out this week for new blog posts!  I have lots of ideas for tips and patterns to share with you.


  1. I looooove quilt patterns, especially reimagined into other projects like this one.

    1. Thanks Alexandra! I do too, probably because I love quilting.