Monday, March 18, 2019

Summer Jars and a Hiatus

Good Monday morning, everyone!  I hope you're all having a lovely March so far!  It's so bright and sunny out today, it makes me want to just sing.  It also gave me the boost I needed to finally finish the last of the seasonal jars pattern! 

Summer Jars Pattern, $6 on Etsy

Yep, it's finally all finished now!  I'm pretty happy with the series and I'm even more happy that I'm all done with them!  I guess it took me 6 months to get them all done, holy cow!  Phew. 

With that said, I decided that I need a little time off from designing to regroup and to get some real life things done.  It's going to be gardening season soon and I need to get some important garden tasks done, like replacing the wood around my gardens and getting seeds starting and so forth.  It's also time to start canning (yes, already!) so I need to get working on that took.  I'll get back to work on my designs about mid-April, so keep your eyes peeled for fun new patterns showing up then!