Saturday, February 4, 2017


Sorry I didn't get around to posting the free pattern on Friday, guys.  This has just been the worst week ever..... well, ok, not EVER, but maybe the second worst week ever.  Like, mom goes to hospital and sister gets arrested kind of week.  Yeah. 

So I'm just chillin, trying to get some kind of normal back to my days.  The good news in that I'm doing lots of PC design work!  I've got two new projects in the works.  I just haven't gotten any pattern work done yet, which is kind of the important part! 

Hopefully next week will be a little better *fingers crossed*


  1. Fingers crossed that things are much, MUCH better this week!

    1. Thanks, Alexandra! It's been pretty hectic so far, but at least not as stressful. Hopefully I can get back into designing and posting (and commenting on blogs) again!

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