Wednesday, August 16, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Good Wednesday morning, everyone!  Oh, it's a lovely morning here; the sky is blue, the crickets are chirping, the air is just slightly crisp.  I guess that means autumn is on its way!  Which is ok by me... I loooove fall.  It's definitely my favorite season, not least because I love everything pumpkin spice.

So what's up this week?  Well, we just got back from our vacation in Maine, but it's nevertheless been a busy week!  I've been trying to stay motivated and fill my days with creativity and not sink into giant pools of procrastination. 

What's up with plastic canvas

So I've been working on a coaster set to match my Autumn Leaves Tissue Box Cover.  It's been slow going, with the vacation  in there, despite being a pretty simple project.  The good news is that I'm finally getting the work done on it, and I should hopefully have it done this week!  Yay :)

What's up with sewing

I don't talk about my sewing much, but I'm a rabid, obsessive, passionate seamstress (I can't bring myself to use the term sewist -- I just dislike that way too much).  I sew everything and anything; bags, clothes, toys, and lots of quilts.  So lately I've decided that maybe I should finish the three quilts I have in the works.  You know, so I can start new ones!

I've been working on this Potting Shed quilt for some time, maybe a year (ps, the photos are terrible).  It uses the ultra pretty potting shed panel and coordinating fabric, but I designed the quilt myself.

Does anyone else have the problem of pets wanting to be all over something you're working on?  Sunshine can't seem to help himself.  Here's a close up of the center panel.

I just need to add a border and this lovely is all finished.  However, I can't decide what I want to do.  I bought this nice purple in Maine and I thought it would work, but now I don't know.  I wonder if it would look best if I just turned the edges under.

My other project that I'm working on, or I guess was working on, is this amazing piece of work.  I told Hubs that this is going to be the brightest, wildest quilt I will ever make.  I'm not a bright color person.

My MIL bought me a ton of fruit and vegetable fabrics, and I probably thought about what I wanted to do with them for about two years.  I love this quilt pattern I found in The Big Book Of Nickel Quilts, but these colors...  MY EYES.  This is going to be our picnic quilt once it's done! 

Also, Spices says Hello!

What's up in the garden

It's bean season!  I grow lots of green beans because they're easy to grow, I like them, and oh yeah, they're easy to grow.  My garden is unfortunately under two huge trees, so I'm not exactly a successful vegetable gardener most years.  But every year, I get good yields of beans, so every year I plant more, lol.  My Hubs calls bean season the great Beanpocalypse. 

So yesterday I finally got around to canning the first wave of beans up.  Six quarts!  One didn't seal, but that's ok, we'll eat them.

When I got back from vacation and saw the huge load of vegetables and beans especially in my garden, I said Thank you God for these abundant plants!  Because there's absolutely nothing better tasting than beans straight from the garden.

Well, that's all for this week!  I hope you're all having a good week too.  Do you have any new projects going on?  Anything new and interesting going on in your life?  I'd love to hear!

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