Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday Tip: Wrangling Craft Cord

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  I hope you all had a good weekend.  Mine was not quite so great; hubs just got over a bad cold and I was going crazy because I hadn't been alone for well over a week.  Eeek!  (Good thing I'm not a parent, right?  Lol)  Thankfully he's fully over his cold now and back to work, and I have the whole house to myself again!

So this week's tip came to me when I was working on the Floss Card Pattern.  While I was wrapping up my embroidery floss, I had to untangle it from a bunch of my craft cord, and I thought that the floss card idea would work great for the cord. 

Of course, the cord is much thicker and comes in pretty long hanks.  It's even more unwieldy than loose embroidery floss, if you can believe that, so there's no way that it would fit on the floss card.  Instead, I decided to just wing it and make something that looked appropriately sized.

Here's a before picture of a hank of cord:

And here's the after:

Much better! 

Since I didn't use a specific pattern, I decided to make this a tip instead.  Basically what I did was I made the floss card pattern only bigger, and finished off with the tape just like I did with the floss card.  I just used scraps of plastic canvas in shapes that looked big enough.  Then when I was done, it all fit nicely into a little shoe box with my collection of embroidery floss.

Tada!  Now instead of a messy ball of knots in a dark and dusty drawer somewhere, they're neatly wound cards filed away on my crafting bookshelf. 

So how do you keep your small bits of cord or string organized?  This is the best idea I've come up with, but to be honest, before I did this all my string really was balled up in a drawer out of sight!  Which worked until I needed something, lol.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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