Wednesday, January 2, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

Happy New Year!  Happy very first Wednesday of 2019!  Oh, a brand new year, what a precious gift that is.  A new beginning, a whole year of possibilities.  It's like Monday morning, only a whole lot better! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations.  If you're anything like me, though, I bet you're really glad that it's all behind us and we can get back to our normal lives.  Or is that just me?  I love the celebrations and getting together with family and such, but it's so exhausting.  After six family get together, stuffing myself silly more times than I can count, and eleven days of my husband being off from work (he took a few vacation days), I'm ready for a rest!  I almost didn't write this blog post because all I really want to do now is sew!

But here I am!  Since I have holiday hangover, how about I just show pictures this week?  I promise to be more alive next Wednesday :)

Decorating all the cookies we made this year (I made a few Dala horse sugar cookies for my Swedish MIL).

Sunshine is helping me wrap presents.

My nephew Gabe giving his best Christmas face.

My fur-brother Gary (my mom's cat).

My adorable hubby with my equally adorable nephew Maliki.

My mom's Christmas tree.

My nephew Benji, actively throwing toys out of the playpen.

My nephew Joey and his mom (plus Benji in the back).

Maliki and his grandpa.

Maliki playing with the present we gave him.

Hubby and my FIL chilling on the couch on Christmas day.

The lovely jello mold I made for Christmas dinner.

My MIL's Christmas tree.

The most amazing new (to me) retro cook book.

Our traditional New Year's Eve nachos and a movie!

My fancy New Year's jello mold!  Yes, yes, I do love a good jello mold.

And Sunshine chilling in bed with me.

Happy 2019 everyone!  I hope this year brings you blessings overflowing!


  1. I wish you a blessed new year!

    Our celebrations were great too, but not so many people :) My sister and her husband and son couldn't make it this year to Portugal (they live in Spain), since they all got the flu :( But now they are better!

    We passed the transition to the New Year at church in the presence of God and it was wonderful!

    So many cookies on your table! Gosh, it's really a bunch of them! I made bolo-rei without dairy or eggs :) for the very first time... since it is a very traditional cake around here! And I had beginner's luck since it came out great! You can see a post of it in my blog!

    We had a whole week off of work which was wonderful! I ended catching up the domestic work :)


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