Sunday, December 11, 2016


Remember on Friday when I said a storm was coming, and I didn't think we'd get more than 8 inches?  Here's a picture of my mom's back yard.

That's a table.  A three foot wide table.  With TWO FEET OF SNOW ON TOP!

I had to walk through my own back yard tonight to dump my compost (sometimes I really regret putting my pile way in the back of the yard!), and my knee boots were getting snow in them!  What a storm! 

We're used to getting a lot of snow, but that was a lot of snow in a really short time (just two days).  Plus, it's only December so the ground is still very warm, which means the snow is very wet and heavy.  It's like shoveling two feet of wet sand :(  I feel worst for my 68 year old MIL who shovels her entire 100 foot driveway all by herself.  She won't let us help!  And she hates snow blowers.  Thankfully she's talking about hiring someone to plow. 

So that was my weekend.  I hope you all had a better one than I did.  Now I'm off to get some relaxing in before the weekend is over.

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