Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall Welcome Wall Hanging

Hey guys, I just finished a really pretty fall welcome sign!
Fall Welcome Wall Hanging, $4 on Etsy
The picture isn't really that great.  I have trouble getting good pictures of the larger pieces like this one.  It's quite pretty in person though.  I plan on eventually doing the other three seasons in this style and making a cool set.

But for now, I'm totally glad I'm done with this project!  It was a pretty big one.  I think I've been working on it for three weeks now, ugh!  I'm ready to move onto something else.  Actually, I have my next pattern about half done; a pretty sewing set with thread spools on it.  Hopefully you'll get to see those next week sometime!

How was everyone's weekend?  I had a pretty nice one; hubby and I went for a long drive through the country.  The leaves are just starting to peak here in western NY and it's just so pretty.  I hope you're all enjoying your autumn!

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