Friday, September 8, 2017

Free Friday: Small Box

Happy Friday, everyone!  I'm trying to get this week's pattern done at a reasonable time instead of at the last minute like last week.  It's been a rough week for me and my creative pursuits, but thankfully things seem to be getting back into the gear. 

Well, I asked last weekend what kinds of patterns everyone would like to see on my blog, and Bella was nice enough to leave a comment saying that she likes boxes (among other things).  I don't have a lot of experience making boxes, so I thought that might be a fun little challenge for myself.  This is just a simple box to get used to making them, but I think it would make a lovely little holder for buttons or a cute little gift box! 

Small Box

Skill Level:



2 ½ x 2 ½ x 2 ¼ inches


  • 7-count plastic canvas
  • Worsted weight yarn in desired color
  • #16 plastic canvas needle


  1. Cut and stitch plastic canvas according to graphs. For bottom of box, cut one 14x14 hole piece (not pictured).
  2. Whipstitch box lid sides to box lid top with chosen yarn color, and overcast raw edges with same yarn. Do the same for box sides and bottom. Enjoy!

Click the image above to see it larger.  You may share this pattern however you please as long as you don't alter it or claim it as your own.  Please link back if you share this pattern.  You may sell items made from this pattern.  However, you may not sell this pattern.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I'm going to finish getting caught up with my house chores so I can get back to designing more! 


  1. How how sweet this box is!
    Thanks :)

  2. Made this box and attaced the poinsettia ornament to the top of the box for a super cute Christmas box. Love this project!

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