Sunday, September 11, 2016

My Latest Obsession

So hubby and I went on a little road trip today to Erie PA.  It's about an hour's drive from where we live in Jamestown NY.  We don't really like going there often, because the traffic is usually pretty annoying.  But today we were on a mission (well, ok, I was on a mission).  I have a new obsession lately, and I figured I could find exactly what I wanted somewhere in Erie (it is the third largest city in PA afterall!).

So what's my obsession?  To get every single solid color of Red Heart Super Saver yarn.  Why is that my obsession?  Ugh...  *tries to look not in the least bit crazy*  Because I feel like I need every color in order to be a good plastic canvas designer.  If I don't have every color, how will I know that I'm using the best colors in my designs?!  Yes, that's actually how my logic works in my head.

So anyway, we started at Joann's because I had a pretty good coupon (25% off my entire purchase).  And even though the Erie Joann's was much bigger than our local Joann's, they didn't have any more yarn colors.  It was pretty disappointing.  So then we went to Walmart, because their price of Super Saver yarn is the best I can find ($2.88), and I was hoping maybe they'd have more colors.  Nope.  They had the same colors as my local Walmart.  Ugh!

Well, at this point, my hubby decides he needs some art supplies, so we head over to AC Moore.  I figure I may as well go check out the yarn while he's getting his stuff.  What could it hurt, right?  First, I was surprised to see that they have three full isles of yarn there.  And then I noticed the entire back wall was Super Saver yarn.  And 4 for $10!  And then my eyes lit upon the many many colors that I have been hunting for!  Light sage, pale plum, country blue, Aruba sea, Windsor blue, and lots more!!  After I filled my arms with as many skeins as I could carry, I went looking for my hubby, who at the sight of me, ran off for some baskets.  Lol, I filled two baskets with yarn.  I must have looked like a freak.

Here's my haul:

I almost filled up my yarn sample cards.  Just four colors to go!

I also picked up some spools of thin metallic ribbon.  I can't find good metallic yarn that I like, so I figured maybe I'd try this ribbon to see if it's any better.  I'll let you know if it is!

If anyone's interested, the sale at AC Moore is going on for a couple more days. 

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