Friday, July 7, 2017

Free Friday: Summery Citrus Coasters

Happy Friday, everyone!  I can't believe it's Friday again already, but I guess that's summer for you.  It just whooshes by so quickly!  Flowers bloom and are gone, fruit comes in and out of season, hot lazy days soon turn into crisp, busy autumn.  You have to make sure you get out there and enjoy it while we have it!

That's what inspired me with this week's free pattern, one of the best parts about summer; citrus!  Now I realize that most citrus are actually winter fruits, but... lemonade and key lime pie and fresh bright oranges just look so summery! 

As a bonus, these coasters are also perfectly sized to be used as wide mouth mason jar lids!

Summery Citrus Coasters

Skill Level:



3 ¼ inches


  • 7-count plastic canvas
  • Red Heart yarn in colors listed in key
  • Craft felt
  • Hot glue
  • #16 plastic canvas needle


Note: The citrus colors used in the picture above are: Pumpkin #254, Lemon #235, and Spring Green #672
  1. Cut and stitch plastic canvas according to graph.
  2. Overcast outside edges with citrus color.
  3. Using coasters as a template, cut out a piece of craft felt. Trim off 1/8 of an inch all the way around. Attach to backs of coaster using hot glue.

Click the image above to see it larger.  You may share this pattern however you please as long as you don't alter it or claim it as your own.  Please link back if you share this pattern.  You may sell items made from this pattern.  However, you may not sell this pattern.

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  1. These are ADORABLE!!!! Thanks so much for sharing - I am not very crafty but I want these, so so so so cute! :-)